youth ministry entrepreneurs

Replace the voice, vision, passion, and appeal of the young people in this video with the youth you serve. Can you hear them? They’re asking. Pleading. Essentially for the same thing. Belief in their potential. And the chance to risk failure to do something extraordinary with their lives today.

peter drucker defines an entrepreneur as one who searches for change, responds to it and exploits opportunities.

If youth ministries were incubators of young entrepreneurs endeavoring for change, responding to it and exploiting opportunities for the cause of Jesus Christ, imagine the line to get in the door. The same door too many have used to walk out and wander away from their faith in recent years.

A change of mind in churches with that specific focus would reshape the function of youth ministry in years to come to one with meaningful outputs and measurable outcomes.

youth ministry is mentoring for mobilization and multiplication.

Align your youth program and ministry philosophy of to that new definition of youth work and watch the change that happens in the lives of young people training for a lifetime of service for Christ.

youth ministry entrepreneurs! it does have a ring to it.

Timothy Eldred is a seasoned pastor, author, keynote speaker, and unrelenting voice for the next generation with a reputation for challenging the status quo. Tim speaks and teaches throughout the world, and his books have been read by hundreds of thousands of people. He lives with his family in Central Michigan.

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