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Alone Sucks: God’s Cure for Our Human Crises

Alone SucksAlone Sucks tells the story of aloneness and untangles the many lies and messiness of life that have entrapped people for ages. You can discover your identity, be the person God intended, and help others know they matter.

There is a simple cure for our human crises. Pain does not have to be permanent. And lonely does not have to last forever.



Begin21: Your First 21 Steps with Jesus

Begin21What am I supposed to do next? How does this Jesus thing work? These are only a few of the difficult questions you may ask when you make the decision to follow Christ.

Begin21 provides new believers in Jesus with directions to embark on their new faith journey. This book will help you develop five habits to create a lifestyle that lasts a lifetime. Also included are questions for reflection, challenges for action, and thoughts to explore with a mentor or trusted friend.



Pray21: Believe. Belong. Become. Be.


You’re God’s answer to someone’s question. You have been created for significance and service—called to mission and ministry. Getting by is not an option. Getting by is getting lost.

This three-week experience will bring you and a spiritual mentor of your choice into a 21-day prayer partnership that will change your life. You’ll read about people in the Bible who are just like you. When you wrestle with their stories, you’ll open doors for your journey of discovery.



Tell21: Prayer. Care. Share.


Many people aren’t ashamed of their faith in Jesus. They’re just scared to share it with others.

Tell21 takes the fear out of telling others about Jesus. It makes sharing your faith simply about sharing the story of how Christ has become the hero of your heart and the Lord of your life. This three-week experience will help you discover your place in God’s plot and see your significance in his bigger plan.



4-Hour Youth Ministry

4-Hour Youth Ministry

4-Hour Youth Ministry shows how ordinary people with a few hours a week can coach youth to successfully run their own ministry.

  • Debunks the idea that effective youth ministry requires a full-time youth pastor with a four-year degree.
  • Defines the role of young people in the church and their responsibility to learn how to take action for Christ.
  • Dispels the notion that youth ministry is more effective when adults in the church provide programs for youth.