start breaking some eggs

breaking eggs
Change. It comes hard. And it’s painful (if significant). Slow (if systemic). That’s the typical, inevitable process.

I’ve been pondering a quote for a while that says,

What people resist is not change per se, but loss.- Ronald Heifetz

Letting go of the known to experience the unknown is difficult enough. Accepting the pain of loss that accompanies ensuring change is what keeps most of us stuck. Unfulfilled. Confused. Frustrated. And settled on second best.

I haven’t felt much pain from change in my life (although my life has been full of transitions). But not loss. Because I keep dragging the past with me. Refusing to let go of ideas, dreams, passions. As a result, I have been weighed down. Unable to truly embrace what lies ahead. Too comfortable with the familiar to release the potential of the future.

In your work with young people and your deep, gnawing conviction that something better lies ahead, what are you afraid of dropping? Cutting lose? Leaving behind?

Best only comes when better is abandoned. This analogy expresses the process of change quite well.

You can’t have an omelette, without first breaking the eggs.- Chery Gegelman

She continues, “If you are currently under-fire and experiencing brokenness in your community, your workplace, your church, or your home; be encouraged that this season in your life is temporary. And that brokenness is always a catalyst for something new and something whole.”

Sometimes change comes to you. And at times, you have to start breaking eggs. So what’s stopping you? Embrace your fears and hold. Something better is coming!

Behold, I make all things new.- Jesus Christ
Everything has a season. A time to break down, and a time to build up.- King Solomon
You must be the change you wish to see in the world.- Mahatma Gandhi
By changing nothing, nothing changes.- Tony Robbins