Protect Yourself and Others

From Sexual Harassment

People who get too big for their britches shouldn’t be surprised when they get caught with their pants down.

An expert is defined as a person with comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of a skill in a particular area. So I’m pleased to say I have no expertise in the area of sexual harassment. But I’m not foolish enough to pretend I couldn’t be caught in its web. And you shouldn’t be either. But how do you protect yourself from becoming a person who exploits your power or position? Simple.

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There’s No Joy in Whoville

13 Ways to Bring Joy to the Elderly this Holiday Season

Dr. Suess’ classic line, “There’s no joy in Whoville…” isn’t just a memorable phrase from a cute movie starring Jim Carrey. For millions of elderly people throughout our world, it’s a painful reality they face every single day—especially during the holiday season.

I bet you know someone just like this man in the video above who lives within a stone’s throw of your home. And I also bet that you have a heart for hurting people. So what if we all decided together to make a small attempt to help with this heartbreaking problem this holiday season?

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Opioids, Heroin, and Youth Ministry

Ignorance is No Longer an Excuse the Church Can Hide Behind

I know addiction. And recovery. Because I’ve suffered and survived both. But I could have just as easily been another statistic with people mourning over my casket murmuring, “How didn’t we know?” So as I listen to the rise in recent news coverage about America’s growing opioid and heroin epidemic, I must raise a question, “How effective is the Church at responding to this crisis?”

Timothy Eldred | Opioids, Heroin, and Your Youth Group

Statistically, there’s not a kid in your youth group who isn’t aware of a friend using drugs. And don’t be so naïve as to pretend there aren’t teens in your church using or abusing. Youth group members were some of my best customers—I made more money on Wednesday nights than I did on weekends. And while I’m pretty sure people had suspicions about my behavior, no one ever confronted me. Or came alongside in support. Because it was easier to turn a blind eye—and it still is today.

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