New Book Release

Available in Stores October 1


Alone Sucks | Timothy EldredOver the last few months, I’ve poured myself into writing a brand new book. It’s been the best and hardest work of my life so far.

And while this new book might seem like a departure from my previous books, it’s not—it’s the foundation for everything I write, speak, and teach.

Alone Sucks tells the story of aloneness and untangles the many lies and messiness of life that have entrapped people for ages.

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Loneliness is one of those rare ailments that defiantly objects to publicity. Bringing it into the light with honesty and unvarnished vulnerability is the first hammer-whack on its ceramic frailty. Through his own story of acute isolation, Tim Eldred names the squiggly things under the rock, carrying the hope of light into dark places.Mark Oestreicher
Partner, The Youth Cartel | Author of Hopecasting: Finding, Keeping and Sharing the Things Unseen

my 23-year-valentine

We never make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day in the Eldred home because we try to treat everyday of our love like it’s special. After more than 23 years of marriage, I love my wife, Cindy, more today than ever. She is my best-friend, my lover, my therapist, my nurse mate, my sons’s mother, and my constant companion.

Here are the top ten things I love about my Cindy on Valentine’s Day:

  1. She is intentional about bringing out the best in our sons—releasing their potential.
  2. She is the epitome of common sense—she’s not a dreamer—she’s a doer who get things accomplished.
  3. She is always learning—reading books and discovering the simplest lessons to make our life better.
  4. She is a great listener. She asks excellent questions. She is genuinely interested in other people.
  5. She is comfortable in her own skin—confident in her identity as God’s daughter—doesn’t require stuff to make beautiful.
  6. She makes me feel like I can do anything. My success is largely because she has been my biggest fan and constant supporter.
  7. She is passionate about her relationship with Jesus and constantly becoming more spiritually mature each passing year.
  8. She is the yin to my yang—she completes me and makes up for my many weaknesses with her amazing gifts and strengths.
  9. She is completely different from me but allows me to enjoy life in my own way and celebrates our differences.
  10. And, finally—let’s be honest—she’s a beautiful woman inside and out.

Make you own list and send it to your valentine today. Thanks Michael Hyatt for your post that prompted this exercise today!