Protect Yourself and Others

From Sexual Harassment

People who get too big for their britches shouldn’t be surprised when they get caught with their pants down.

An expert is defined as a person with comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of a skill in a particular area. So I’m pleased to say I have no expertise in the area of sexual harassment. But I’m not foolish enough to pretend I couldn’t be caught in its web. And you shouldn’t be either. But how do you protect yourself from becoming a person who exploits your power or position? Simple.

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There’s No Joy in Whoville

13 Ways to Bring Joy to the Elderly this Holiday Season

Dr. Suess’ classic line, “There’s no joy in Whoville…” isn’t just a memorable phrase from a cute movie starring Jim Carrey. For millions of elderly people throughout our world, it’s a painful reality they face every single day—especially during the holiday season.

I bet you know someone just like this man in the video above who lives within a stone’s throw of your home. And I also bet that you have a heart for hurting people. So what if we all decided together to make a small attempt to help with this heartbreaking problem this holiday season?

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Treat Problems. Not Symptoms.

Loneliness Is Not a Condition that Can Be Ignored

I have allergies. And they make me miserable. Spring. Summer. And fall. A runny nose. Scratchy throat. And watery eyes. But these are only the effects—not the cause. To get rid of my symptoms, I must deal with the real problem.


Allergy symptoms are easy to spot. But not all human conditions are simple to see. If they were, we’d never wait until it was too late. We’d find a remedy and be rid of the reason once and for all.

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