4-Hour Youth Ministry

Escaping the Trap of Full-Time Youth Ministry

4hourcoverart4-Hour Youth Ministry shows how ordinary people with a few hours a week can coach youth to successfully run their own ministry.

  • Debunks the idea that effective youth ministry requires a full-time youth pastor with a four-year degree.
  • Defines the role of young people in the church and their responsibility to learn how to take action for Christ.
  • Dispels the notion that youth ministry is more effective when adults in the church provide programs for youth.

This book will challenge your thinking on the current mode of youth ministry. It will cause you to consider better ways to use time more efficiently to more effectively transform young lives. As your mindset changes, your model will follow suit.



“Tim shatters some of the common myths that create great frustrations for youth workers and opens a new and inviting way of viewing ministry.” —Tic Long, Journey Community Church

“The balance between relationship, ownership, and discipleship wrapped up in one easy-to-understand read.” —Josh McDowell, Josh McDowell Ministries

“A must-read for any size church wanting to give youth a voice and make them equal partners in ministry today.” Bo Boshers, Lead222