I am the author of Alone Sucks: God’s Cure for Our Human Crises. I am also the author of Begin21, Pray21, and Tell21. This book series has been used by more than 500,000 youth and adult mentors around the world. My first book, 4-Hour Youth Ministry, has been used by over 8,000 churches.

I am also the founder of Waves In Action, which has quickly become one of the largest youth movements on the planet with thousands of youth-led Waves functioning in nearly fifty nations.

For twelve years, I served as the President and CEO of Endeavor Ministries. Founded in 1881, CE is widely recognized as the father of and forerunner to modern youth ministry.

I am a seasoned pastor, author, keynote speaker, and unrelenting voice for the next generation with a reputation for challenging the status quo. My home is in Michigan where I direct a leadership development and consulting firm aptly named 1:1 Solutions, LLC.